We address fundamental questions in neuroscience, combining technologies from biology, physics, engineering & computer science

Our research focuses on how neuronal circuits are built, how they perform the computations underlying perception, memory, thought and behaviour, and how their dysfunction leads to disease. With a detailed understanding of these processes we hope to contribute to the development of new therapeutic approaches.

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Neuronal circuits and cellular diversity

Neuronal circuits are the brain’s building blocks, consisting of a dense wiring of exquisite precision, tightly interacting with brain glial cells and with the cerebrovascular network. When circuits go awry, this leads to debilitating deficits.

Our research explores how neuronal circuits are built and how they function in health and disease.

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Innovative technologies

Our research is continuously pushing the boundaries of what we can measure in the brain. We apply our multidisciplinary expertise as biologists, engineers, physicists and bioinformaticians to overcome the technical barriers we face.

From novel imaging methods, to recording devices and behavioral assays, we develop new approaches to accelerate the neuroscience field.

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From sensation to action

Almost effortlessly, we make sense of the world around us. We see, we hear, we feel, but how do we process all this information in the nervous system and generate a proper response?

Our research is focused on unraveling the neuronal circuits that integrate sensory information to help us interpret environmental cues and transform the information into actions.

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Learning and remembering

We all learn from experience, but how does neuronal processing in the brain guide this decision making process? How do we respond to new experiences?

Our research aims to understand the neural computations involved in thinking, learning, memory and decision making and their consequences for our behaviour.

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