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From the eye to behaviour

Kf Karl Farrow Vib

Karl Farrow, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology, KU Leuven, Belgium

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Dissecting the lines of communication
connecting the eye with behaviour

Many of the computations performed by the nervous system can be interpreted as answers to particular challenges posed by the live histories of an animal. However, it remains unknown how neural circuits are organized to carry out the computations that link specific sensory inputs with the activation of the appropriate behaviour.

To address these questions, we work with mice and Peromyscus to dissect the neural circuits that link the earliest stages of visual processing in the retina with the initiation of suitable behaviours. We combine trans‐synaptic viral tracing techniques with large scale brain recordings and optogenetic approaches to unravel the connectivity between targeted cell types, brain regions and behaviour.

The labs scientific questions

The primary purpose of our work is to determine the details of how information is disseminated and organized in the brain to enable the necessary computations that link sensory stimuli with the triggering of suitable behaviours. This is done to uncover fundamental principals of how the brain is organized, how defects in circuitry leads to brain dysfunction, and determine what aspects of this circuitry is conserved across evolution.


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Key publications

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