Kloosterman Lab

Memory processing and spatial navigation

Fk Kloosterman Fabian Mobile 300 340 C1

Fabian Kloosterman, PhD

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium

Contact & Bio

We study the brain circuits that support the storage, expression and use of memories during behavior

Research Areas

  • memory processing
  • spatial navigation
  • hippocampal-cortical circuits
  • decoding memories

Our scientific questions

How do we remember some of the daily events in our life, and why do we forget others? How do we recall the route that we have to travel to get from home to work, even when faced with a roadblock? How do we learn from our experiences and use this knowledge when we make decisions?

The Kloosterman lab aims to answer these questions by studying neural circuits and systems, unravelling the fundamental mechanisms by which the mammalian brain represents, stores and processes information.


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Key publications

Heikki Tanila, Ku S, Fabian Kloosterman, Matthew A Wilson, Characteristics of CA1 place fields in a complex maze with multiple choice points, Hippocampus, 28(2) 81-96, 2017
Davide Cilliberti, Fabian Kloosterman, Falcon: a highly flexible open-source software for closed-loop neuroscience, IOPscience, 2017
Thomas J Davidson, Fabian Kloosterman, Matthew A Wilson, Hippocampal replay of extended experience, Neuron, 63(4): 497–507, 2009
Fabian Kloosterman, Thomas J Davidson, Stephen N Gomperts, Stuart P Layton, Gregory Hale, David P Nguyen, Matthew A Wilson, Micro-drive array for chronic in vivo recording: drive fabrication, Journal of visualized experiments 26, pii: 1094, 2009