Bonin Lab

From vision to action

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Vincent Bonin, PhD

Associate Professor, KU Leuven
Group leader, NERF and VIB
Member of the Leuven Brain Institute

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We study the neural circuits of vision and develop approaches to investigate the brain in health and disease

Our main goal is to elucidate the biological mechanisms underlying visual processing and visually-guided behavior in mammals. Our research is centered on the visual cortex, its circuitry and its contribution to sensory perception and behavior.

We tackle these questions using cellular imaging and probe recordings in mice, in combination with genetic based circuit dissection. We also collaborate with others to study brain plasticity, development, and neurodegeneration, and use the latest CMOS technologies to characterize neural activity.

Our scientific questions

The purpose of the lab is to study the network computations and biological mechanisms that underlie this sensory processing in the mammalian brain. How are sensory computations implemented at the level of neural circuits? How are these computations adapted to the animal’s environment and to the animal’s behavioral goals?


Karl Farrow (NERF), Fabian Kloosterman (NERF), Matthew Holt (VIB), Lut Arckens (KU Leuven), Daniel Butts (U Maryland), Pierre Vanderhaeghen (VIB).


From left to right: Adrien Philippon, Karolina Socha, Arjun Ramaswami, Cagatay Aydin, Joao Couto, Vincent Bonin, Paula Rodriguez, Xu Han, Ben Vermaercke (missing).

2018 Bonin Lab

Key publications

Michal Slezak, Steffen Kandler, Paul P. Van Veldhoven, Chris Van den Haute, Vincent Bonin, Matthew G. Holt, Distinct Mechanisms for Visual and Motor-Related Astrocyte Responses in Mouse Visual Cortex, 2019
Dun Mao, Adam R Neumann, Jianjun Sun, Vincent Bonin, Majid H Mohajerani, Bruce L McNaughton, Hippocampus-dependent emergence of spatial sequence coding in retrosplenial cortex, PNAS, 115 (31) 8015-8018, 2018
Dun Mao, Steffen Kandler, Bruce L McNaughton, Vincent Bonin, Sparse orthogonal population representation of spatial context in the retrosplenial cortex, Nat Commun 8, 243, 2017
James J. Jun, Nicholas A. Steinmetz, Joshua H. Siegle, Daniel J. Denman, Marius Bauza, Brian Barbarits, Albert K. Lee, Costas A. Anastassiou, Alexandru Andrei, Cagatay Aydin, Mladen Barbic, Timothy J. Blanche, Vincent Bonin, Joao Couto, [...] O’Keefe & Timothy D. Harris, Fully integrated silicon probes for high-density recording of neural activity, Nature 551(7679):232-236, 2017
Wei-Chung Allen Lee, Vincent Bonin, Michael Reed, Brett J Graham, Greg Hood, Katie Glattfelder, R Clay Reid, Anatomy and function of an excitatory network in the visual cortex, Nature, 532, 370–374, 2016