Top notch facilities

We are located on the imec campus in Leuven, Belgium, in close proximity to the Science and Engineering Departments of KU Leuven and in short (biking) distance from the University Hospital.

The NERF laboratories span approximately 1000 square meters, where the research groups work together in cross-disciplinary teams. Our researchers have access to central animal housing and animal care services for rats and mice, supported by KU Leuven. For histology, a shared facility accompanied by a core confocal microscope is available.

The labs have established state-of-the-art behavioural neurophysiology and two-photon imaging systems for studying neural circuits in various animal models. A viral vector facility for production of adeno-associated viral vectors and rabies vectors and a molecular biology lab enable researchers to use cutting edge genetic tools.

A strong neuroscience community

All NERF researchers are members of the research communities of imec, KU Leuven and VIB and have full access to the research, technology and service facilities of the founding institutions.

Our teams benefit from onsite imec facilities, including an electronic workshop, a mechanical workshop, and state-of-the-art clean rooms.

All labs are part of the Leuven Brain Institute, which brings together neuroscientists of different disciplines, from engineers to psychologists.