Time multiplexed active neural probe with 678 parallel recording sites

Bogdan C Raducanu, Refet F Yazicioglu, Carolina M Lopez, Marco Ballini, Jan Putzeys, Shiwei Wang, Alexandru Andrei, Marleen Welkenhuysen, Nick van Helleputte, Silke Musa, Robert Puers, Fabian Kloosterman, Chris van Hoof, Srinjoy Mitra
46th European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), Lausanne, 2016, pp. 385-388,, 2016

We present a high density CMOS neural probe with active electrodes (pixels), consisting of dedicated in-situ circuits for signal source amplification. The complete probe contains 1356 neuron sized (20×20 μm 2 ) pixels densely packed on a 50 μm thick, 100 μm wide and 8 mm long shank. It allows simultaneous high-performance recording from 678 electrodes and a possibility to simultaneously observe all of the 1356 electrodes with increased noise. This considerably surpasses the state of the art active neural probes in electrode count and flexibility. The measured action potential band noise is 12.4 μVrms, with just 3 μW power dissipation per electrode amplifier and 45 μW per channel (including data transmission).

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