Closed-loop optical neural stimulation based on a 32-channel low-noise recording system with online spike sorting

Nguyen TK, Bartic C, Battaglia FP, Gielen G, Wang L, Cabral H, Navratilova Z
Journal of Neural Engineering 11(4):046005, 2014


Closed-loop operation of neuro-electronic systems is desirable for both scientific and clinical (neuroprosthesis) applications. Integrating optical stimulation with recording capability further enhances the selectivity of neural stimulation. We have developed a system enabling the local delivery of optical stimuli and the simultaneous electrical measuring of the neural activities in a closed-loop approach.


The signal analysis is performed online through the implementation of a template matching algorithm. The system performance is demonstrated with the recorded data and in awake rats.


Specifically, the neural activities are simultaneously recorded, detected, classified online (through spike sorting) from 32 channels, and used to trigger a light emitting diode light source using generated TTL signals.


A total processing time of 8 ms is achieved, suitable for optogenetic studies of brain mechanisms online

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