Yu-Ting Wei

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PhD Student

Email: yu-ting.wei@nerf.be

  • Started at NERF: 01/09/2020

In the past few years, by using slice electrophysiology and optogenetic, I primarily worked on the characterization of hippocampal dentate interneurons in cellular and circuit levels.

My current project is focusing on the visuospatial integration in the retrosplenial cortex, which is a cortical area that reciprocally connected with both visual areas and (para)-hippocampal formation. To achieve better temporal precision of visual inputs, I start with performing 2P cellular imaging in head-fixed animals.

Since 2020 PhD Student at NERF, Bonin & Kloosterman Lab
2019 Research assistant at NYMU, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 - 2018 MSc at NYMU, Taipei, Taiwan
2015BSc BSc at CYCU, Taoyuan, Taiwan