Xu Han

Vb Xu Han Cropped
Collaborative Postdoctoral Scientist

Email: xu.han@nerf.be

  • Started at NERF: 01/09/2013


In the mammalian brain, information about distinct aspects of visual scenes is distributed in a densely interconnected network of cortical areas, including the primary visual cortex and higher visual areas.

My research interest is to (1) understand how visual information is represented in such a network and (2) by which rule these areas are functionally connected. Using two-photon calcium imaging and retrograde labeling approaches, I investigate the encoding properties of cortical neurons and functional connectivity among V1 and higher visual areas in awake mice.

Solving these questions provides insights to how sensory information is processed in the brain and how it is used for visually-mediated behaviors.

since 2013 PhD student, KU Leuven, Belgium
2013 MS, School of Biology, Fudan University, China
2010 BS, School of Biology, Nanjing University, China