Sakir Kaan Cetindag

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PhD Student


  • Started at NERF: 27/02/2019


Vision is a crucial sense that enables us to process a vast array of information and gives us the ability to interact with and navigate the world. Visual perception is thought to reflect the activity of appropriately tuned neurons in a range of areas that belong to specialized information streams working in tandem.

I aim to uncover the functional role of distinct visual information pathways in generating specialized representations in visual cortical areas and illuminate their differential role in visual perception. For this purpose, I am utilizing a visually guided behavioral assay that allows probing the animal’s perception of visual stimuli with different spatiotemporal features. I’m also combining genetic circuit tracing, cellular imaging, widefield and patterned-light optogenetics to interfere with activity in specific cortical areas to casually link the role of certain areas and pathways in perception of distinct visual information.

Since 2020 PhD Student, NERF Bonin Lab
2018 MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
2015 BSc in Electronics Engineering, Koc University, Turkey