Rik Van Daal

Fk Van Daal Rik 300 340 C1
PhD Student

Email: Rik.VanDaal@nerf.be

  • Started at NERF: 01/09/2017
  • This person is no longer at NERF.

In my research project I am focused on the development and fabrication of active ultra-flexible high density electrode arrays for deep brain neural interfacing. Minimally invasive electrode arrays are required to record large-scale electrophysiological brain signals from freely behaving animals. The implants are designed in cooperation with neuroscientists at NERF. Micromachining techniques, executed in the cleanroom facilities of IMEC and MICAS, are necessary for the fabrication of those advanced tools. The project is funded by the Flemish government through a Baekeland mandate and includes the following partners: ATLAS Neuroengineering, Microelectronics and Sensors (MICAS) and Neuro Electronics Research Flanders (NERF).

2018 MSc in Biomedical Engineering, KU Leuven