Micheline Grillet

Au Micheline Grillet Cropped
Postdoctoral Scientist

Email: micheline.grillet@nerf.be

  • Started at NERF: 01/05/2017


My past research has been focused on understanding how the olfactory information is coded in the brain in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. In May 2017, I joined the team of Alan Urban at NERF with the motivation to use innovative technologies for imaging/recording brain circuits at large scale in larger models.

My research project is two-fold:

  • On the technical side, I’m focused on the development and validation of functional ultrasound imaging (fUSi) technology for longitudinal brain imaging in awake, head-fixed and/or freely moving mice. This work includes circuit interrogation by combining fUSi and optogenetics, pharmacological and/or electrical stimulation to decipher the role of specific cells population and their contribution in regulation of the neurovascular coupling.
  • My other interest is on better understanding the dynamic of the whisker-to-barrel pathway in behaving rodents and how multisensorial stimuli may affect the entire brain function and connectivity at a millisecond time scale.
since 2017 Post-Doctoral researcher, Urban Lab, IMEC/NERF, Belgium
2013–2016 Research Associate, Goodchild Lab, VIB/KU Leuven, Belgium
2010–2013 Research Associate, Cobb and McCrohan Labs, University of Manchester, UK
2008–2010 Temporary attaché in teaching and research, University of Burgundy, France
2009 PhD, Jean-François Ferveur Lab, University of Burgundy, France