Marine Chaput

Fk Marine Chaput 2
Software Engineer


  • Started at NERF: 17/09/2019

As a software engineer in Nerf, I am focusing on the improvement of the research pipeline from experimentation to publications. To reach this objective, I am creating and maintaining data acquisition and analysis software tools in python and C++.

Examples include applications for automatic control of the behavior during an experiment with real-time animal tracking and tools for analysis: spike sorting, behavior analysis ... etc.

My main project is focusing on Falcon, open-source real-time software dedicated to the processing of brain signals that enables low-latency closed-loop feedback in experiments that try to causally link neural activity to behavior. Example use cases are the detection of transient brain activity patterns and the online decoding and detection of memory reactivation events.

Since September 2019 Software Engineer - NERF
2019 Maternity break
2018 Algorithm Engineer - Boston, USA
2017 Msc in Automation, Electronic, IT - Engineering degree in France