Karl Farrow

Kf Karl Farrow Vib
Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, KU Leuven
Group leader, NERF and VIB
Member of the Leuven Brain Institute

Email: Karl.Farrow@nerf.be
Phone: +32 (16) 28 1827

  • Started at NERF: 01/06/2013


The different research lines in my lab all converge on understanding the mechanisms underlying information dissemination in the brain. Our results on visual information processing shed light on how populations of neurons collectively encode information and how neural circuits compute behavioral outputs.

I pursued my doctoral research with Alexander Borst at the Max-Planck Institute of Neurobiology focused on dissecting small neural circuits in the motion detection system of the Blowfly visual system. As a postdoctoral fellow with Richard Masland at Harvard Medical School and then Botond Roska at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, I investigated how local circuits in the mouse retina are organized to perform cell type specific computations.

The labs current research focuses on delineating multi-synaptic circuits that span brain regions, linking the first stages of visual processing in the retina with activation of behavior by subcortical brain structures.


since 2013 NERF Principal Investigator
2007–2012 Postdoc, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland
2005–2007 Postdoc, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
2005 PhD, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Germany
2001 MSc, University of Toronto, Canada
1998 BSc, University of Toronto, Canada