Jasper Timmerman

Sh Jasper Timmerman
PhD Student

KU Leuven

Email: jasper.timmerman@nerf.be

For decades the physical brain-machine interface has sparked inspiration inside the minds science fiction writers everywhere. In reality, it has become a bona fide and increasingly popular target for scientific research. My PhD research project at the Haesler lab aims to induce artificial synapse formation at the interface between neurons and neuroscience tools.

Utilizing the microfabrication facilities at imec and the molecular neuroscience expertise at VIB, we are developing surface functionalized electrodes for stable and specific interfacing with neurons. We believe our platform will prove a valuable tool for many aspects of neuroscience research such as electrophysiology, brain-on-chip technology, neuroprosthetics, and drug discovery.

since 2017 PhD researcher at NERF
2017 MSc Nanoscience & nanotechnology, KU Leuven, Belgium
2015 QA engineer, Q-biologicals, Ghent, Belgium
2014–2015 Analytical engineer, Anacura, Ghent, Belgium
2014 MSc biochemistry engineering, Ghent University, Belgium