Dara Niknejad

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PhD Student

Email: dara.niknejad@nerf.be

  • Started at NERF: 05/08/2019


As a neurosurgical resident at the University Hospitals Leuven I have had the great opportunity to conduct my PhD at NERF in the laboratory of Alan Urban. In the field of neurosurgery I am particularly devoted to neurovascular pathologies.

My PhD is focused on employing a new and state of the art imaging technique, functional ultrasound imaging (fUSi) to study stroke in both the pre-clinical and clinical setting. It is exciting to work with this tool and I envision there will be a clear application for fUSi in the neurosurgical OR, leading to the benefit of the patients we treat.

Since 2019 PhD student at NERF
2014 - 2020 Neurosurgical resident, University Hospitals Leuven
2014 Master of Medicine, KU Leuven