16 February 2014

NERF welcomes the collaboration with Prof. Michele Giugliano, associate scientist from the Department of Theoretical Neurobiology & Neuroengineering at the University of Antwerp (UA), Belgium. His interests are particularly focused on the cellular mechanisms underlying the emergence of coordinated electrical activity in cortical microcircuits and large neuronal populations. He ultimately aims at bridging the many missing links between synaptic and single-cell properties and the dynamical phenomena emerging at higher levels of organization.

The UA-NERF collaboration will explore and alter the relationship between single cells and the network they are embedded in. As associate scientist at NERF, Michele Giugliano will work in vivo studying i) how single neurons and large populations interact, ii) to what extent the firing of single cells affects the neuronal network embedding them, and iii) by which means network activity can be steered by closed-loop control strategies. The Guigliano lab will also focus on characterizing single-cell dynamical response properties of cortical neurons during behaviorally relevant collective states.

Visit the Giugliano lab here.

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