02 February 2018 - People

Many congratulations to Norma Kuhn from the Farrow lab on obtaining a very competitive Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship!

Kf Norma Kuhn 300 340 C1

Norma's work will focus on visual feature-gating in a brain area called the superior colliculus. Understanding the brain involves understanding how information about our environment is extracted and processed along the neural pathways that guide behavior. The processing of visual information starts in the retina where more than 40 low-level features, such as location of edges and contrast, are extracted from the visual scene, but how these features are combined and processed in the brain remains elusive. By using a combination of transsynaptic viral circuit tracing, two-photon imaging and computational modeling, Norma aims to identify the circuit components and computational principles by which neurons in central brain regions, like the superior colliculus, integrate visual information to ultimately drive behavior.

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