21 October 2021 - People, Events

Hot on the heels of VIB's molecular neuroscience research, VIB managing director Jo Bury and imec director Gilbert Declerck invited the brightest minds in Flanders from both VIB and imec to come up with the next big idea in exploring the functioning of the brain.

Opening Nerf

“We put them together in a board room for two brainstorming sessions and - by manner of speaking - didn’t let them out until they came up with something really crazy,” Bury recalls with a broad smile. “You wouldn’t believe how quickly they emerged.” On that day in 2008 the earliest beginnings of Neuro Electronics Research Flanders, or NERF, were firmly taking root.

Flash forward to 2011. On May 16th, the NERF labs were officially opened by Ingrid Lieten, Minister of Innovation at the time.

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