11 October 2021 - People

Congratulations to Eléonore Schiltz, PhD student at the Haesler lab, and Alex Calzoni, PhD student at the Farrow lab, on obtaining an FWO fellowship!

Sh Eleonore Schiltz Cropped 2

"The question I would like to address during my PhD is how the information of novelty emerge from the neural network treatment of the stimulus," says Eléonore.

"I want to quantify precisely the novel versus familiar discrimination in an odor task with psychophysic methods. This will be combined with a chronic recording of the brain using a world leading technique of IMEC, the Neuropixel probe 2.0. Using my background in computational neuroscience, I will then build a model constraint by the behavior and the neural response to propose a theoretical mechanism of novelty detection."

Kf Alex Calzoni 1 Sq

Calzoni: "The superior colliculus is a central node in the mammalian visual system that mediates a set of defensive and orienting behaviors, and my goal is to understand how individual collicular cell types encode and disseminate visual information to guide these behaviors."

"To accomplish this, I aim to determine the response properties of genetically identified neurons to salient visual stimuli across the visual field, their connectivity, and direct effect on behavior by using a combination of electrophysiological and imaging techniques, viral tracing systems, optogenetics, and different behavioral setups."

Congratulations both, and best of luck in your PhD adventures!

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