28 June 2019 - People

This week the results of the 2019 FWO grant cycle have been announced. Two NERF postdocs obtained a senior postdoctoral fellowship: João Couto from the Bonin lab Katja Reinhard from the Farrow lab.

Mg Couto Joao Mobile 300 340 C1

João Couto: "My project is about how our brains combine information from multiple senses to estimate how fast we move through the world. The aim is to dissect the circuits that carry motion signals to the posterior parietal cortex, an area involved in navigation and multisensory integration.'

"Thanks to the FWO fellowship I will be able to explore these circuits over the next 3 years."

Nerf Katja 300 340 C1

Katja Reinhard: "In this project, I aim to study the brain circuitry that allows to adapt fear behaviours to context".

"Imagine riding your bicycle and suddenly a child jumps in front of you; you can either hit the breaks or try to cycle around the kid. Such reactions to danger do not require learning. However, these behaviours can be adapted to the context, including external factors such as the traffic next to you, or internal conditions such as your stress level.

"The FWO fellowship will allow me to increase our understanding of neural circuit motifs that can integrate external and internal information and induce a switch between different behavioural reactions," concludes Reinhard.

Many congratulations to both!

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