08 April 2022 - Events

In 2022 The Brain Prize, the world’s largest prize for neuroscience, was awarded to Silvia Arber (Switzerland), Martyn Goulding (USA) and Ole Kiehn (Denmark) for their pioneering work on the neural cell types and circuits that control movement.

To celebrate their work and their field, the three prize winners together with the Lundbeck Foundation have organized a series of webinars on the circuits of movement. There will be 6 thematic webinars beginning in June 2022 and ending in March 2023. In each webinar, there will be three talks from leaders in the field who will each speak for 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions. Each webinar will finish with a round table discussion.

Aya Takeoka will speak in the webinar on 'Repair' taking place on March 14th 2023. Other speakers will be Martin Schwab (ETH, Zurich) and Frank Bradke (DZNE, Bonn).

Brain Prize Seminar Series
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