The NERF team welcomes Dr. Alan Urban who started at NERF as new Group Leader in April 2016. Originally from France, Dr. Urban is an experienced molecular biologist and neuroscientist with research focus on control of brain activity and neuroimaging, specifically cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurovascular coupling.

15 May 2016

He previously worked as senior scientist at the Tel Aviv University and as junior group leader at INSERM, The National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Paris, France.

Dr. Urban and his team are currently developing functional UltraSound Imaging (fUS imaging), a breakthrough technology for imaging brain activity which relies on a new sequence for power Doppler imaging that is sensitive enough to detect blood flow in very small vessels without the need for contrast agents.

The Urban lab is seeking to investigate if PV interneurons could act as a relay to inhibit local or distal interneurons involved in a vasodilation tone and to contribute new insights into the complex mechanisms of the neurovascular coupling and the role of PV interneurons, which constitute the main GABAergic population in the cortex by representing around 40% of the total cortical interneurons in rodents.

The NERF team is looking forward to the collaboration!

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