05 June 2019 - People

A few weeks ago, Alan Urban was at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown to talk about fUSi. Ana Gershenfield sat down with him for an in depth conversation on why he firmly believes that fUSi could become essential, in conjunction with other imaging technologies such as magnetic resonance, for the study of the functional – and dysfunctional – brain, both in research and in the clinic.

"As a biologist, I realized there were very few tools to detect brain activity in real time during long periods of time. I was at ESPCI at the time, and I met two physicists, who wanted the same thing but didn’t necessarily have my biological know-how. It was a snug fit, and we decided to do it together. The simple idea was that, because of their wavelength, ultrasounds are the perfect way to answer questions about the human body."
Alan Urban
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